ALLO DIGIONE SIGNATURE Network audio Player Raspberry 3B+ DigiOne interface Pre-installed Volumio Black

ALLO DIGIONE PLAYER Network audio Player Raspberry 3B+ DigiOne interface Pre-installed Volumio Aluminum Casing Black

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High performance digital network drive 

acrylic-case-for-digione-signature (3)sq

Access your audio files without a computer

This element is a digital player with network support. That is to say it is capable of playing audio tracks from a remote source. This source may be a hard drive located within the network or even an online streaming service.

Without any screen nor interface, Digione reader is controlled remotely with a mobile phone, tablet or any device capable of running a web browser. One can therefore enjoy a high quality audio playback without having to leave the couch or the bath.

Digione Interface Signature

The Allo Digione interfaces are currently the best digital SPDIF outputs to Raspberry Pi. They connect directly to a Raspberry Pi by GPIO and provide digital transfer while correcting jitter characteristic of a bare SBC.

This interface provides a BNC 75 Ohm output and RCA Coaxial Digital 24bit 192khz output. The rise time is 1 ns and the voltage completely meets the coaxial / BNC standards (550mV coaxial). This interface is capable of transforming a limited digital source such as Raspberry Pi into a true high-fidelity device with a remarkably low jitter of 400fs.

This is the latest version SIGNATURE Digione. The latter is divided into two parts isolated from each other (galvanic) operated with two power supplies to optimize the audio signal and avoid any pollution of the digital streams. It gets latest version of the NDK oscilateurs ultra low jitter noise . The audio circuitry also hosts a supercapacitor.


Raspberry Pi + 3B, ever more effective for a network drive

This modernized version of the player operates a SBC (single board computer / mini computer) Raspberry Pi release 3B +. This mini computer and audio platform retains all its qualities and even gaining performance through an extensive network connectivity (WiFi 802.11b / g / n / ac and 300mbps Ethernet).

Despite its small size, this device has every capability to play audio files of high quality, including the most demanding audiophile formats in terms of computing power and memory. This modernized version benefits in addition to improved stability and access to the fastest network.

dedicated music player

digione-signature-player (6sq).jpg

Used in high fidelity chain, this type of network drive is extremely convenient since it is much more compact than a conventional computer and thus limits the space occupied. Wireless connectivity is also useful for the purpose of reducing congestion related to the accumulation of cables. Conversely, all of the computing power and its IT construction are mobilized in the service of audio quality. The sound quality will be multiplied compared to a smartphone or tablet classic.

So your devices dedicated to communication and work to avoid being solicités precarious audio use and are available for their other functions over the phone ringing in the middle of an opera or a computer that is updated during a guitar solo. The network drive for its part fulfills an audio function and will have no excuse to disturb listening.

VOLUMIO, preinstalled advanced software Audio.


Unlike many network drives based on an SBC kind Raspberry Pi, this Digione drive is already equipped with a preinstalled audio software. It is not necessary to have expertise in installing Linux or micro-SD card flash. The device is ready for use, it will only connect to your network to enjoy the full extent of its capabilities.

Volumio is a software developed in an effort to provide a high-performance audio interface while remaining as comfortable and intuitive point of view to use than any mainstream solution. This software exploits all the hardware capabilities of the Raspberry Pi, particularly its connectivity since it offers the possibility of controlling the drive from any device capable of connecting to a web browser (computer, smartphone, tablet or even another SBC ... etc). It is very simple to select music, change playback options, the volume from anywhere as long as the connection to the network exists.

To go even further and expand device capabilities, Volumio is also able to handle a wifi hotspot. That is to say, to establish an ad hoc network if fixed network is lacking. This means firstly that the device will still play your audio library even if your router / box fails. On the other hand, it also means that the network drive can be moved for use in private network places (spouse benefit to its small size).

Open source and free to choose

The tradition of the SBC is particularly articulated around the concept of open source. Devices and software solutions compatible with Raspberry Pi are no exception to the rule so you can easily change the software installed on your network drive if you happen to wish to experience other softwares or other functions.

Max2Play dietpi

This network drive will work just as well with Max2Play, DietPi or Picoreplayer suit your audio projects. It will suffice to extract the micro-SD card and flash the firmware image with your choice.

TypeNetwork Player
Version Raspberry Pi3B +
ProcessorBroadcom BCM2837B0
4 hearts 1.4 Ghz
portsMaterialized: 4x USB / RJ45 1x / 1x HDMI
Dematerialized: Wifi 802.11 b / g / n / ac / Bluetooth 4.2
GPUVideoCore IV
digital interfaceAllo Digione SIGNATURE
ExitsS / PDIF Coaxial BNC &
galvanic isolationYes
oscillators2x NDK
jitterminimal 400fs
Power Supply5V (PI)
5-6V (Digione Signature) 100ma Min
2 power supplies are required
Only the DigiOne Signature's power supply is provided. The power supply for Raspberry Pi is to be purchased separately
AccessoriesCard 8GB e.MMC
Parts supplied
Raspberry Pix1
Digione Signaturex1
Black acrylic Casex1
8GB microSDx1
5V power supplyx1
DC cable - USB-Cx2
Data sheet
InputUSB 2.0
InputMicro USB
InputMicro SD
OutputCoaxial SPDIF
Max sampling rate192kHz



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Note :
Date :
Digione et alim
En complement a mon avis précédent :
Le digione donnera son meilleur avec une alimentation régulée. J utilise l audiophonics .l amélioration est tres sensible. Je n ai pas encore testé avec une batterie.
This review has been posted for ALLO DIGIONE SIGNATURE Network audio Player Raspberry 3B+ DigiOne interface Pre-installed Volumio Black
Note :
Date :
Adieu l ordi
Après une mise en route un peu laborieuse (un guide de démarrage serait le bienvenu)
L interface volumio est fluide et agréable ( une amélioration avec la nouvelle génération raspberry?)
La carte son Digione constitue un réel progrès par rapport a l ordi sur tout les plans et rivalise largement avec un bon cd drive.
Malgré un aspect un peu bricolo incontournable a ce prix pour tirer le meilleur parti des fichiers numériques
This review has been posted for ALLO DIGIONE SIGNATURE Network audio Player Raspberry 3B+ DigiOne interface Pre-installed Volumio Black
Note :
Date :
Bonsoir, voila plusieurs jours que je l'utilise et je dois dire que c'est très très bien d'un point de vue musical, timbre,basse, voix excellentes...tout y est ça swing...Du coté appli Volumio , c'est très musical rien a redire, par-contre au sujet de l'intégration de QOBUZ c'est pas top, moins de fonctionnalités que sur un pc, a revoir donc. En terme de gestion de l'appareil, c'est parfais, soit par Volumio ou Bubullupnp... Que dire foncer...
This review has been posted for ALLO DIGIONE SIGNATURE Network audio Player Raspberry 3B+ DigiOne interface Pre-installed Volumio Black
Note :
Date :
I cannot believe, just I'm just sitting and listening the music
Previously I used a Pioneer bluray player as the digital streamer to my Chord QuTest DAC. I did a try with the Digione Signature. I have to tell you it is amazing, really. I'm just sitting and listening music instead of some other stuff I must do today. The rhytmic, timing, bass response is ... my English too poor to describe how good is it.

I have never tried non Signature version, Canaris BNC-BNC coax and bought on Audiophonics a good linear power supply for 89EUR, so I cannot write comparison e.g. how it performs with basic power supply.

I don't think there is better music streamer on the world for a Signature Player + a good power supply price.

One minor negative; it was not really plug and play, I must install squeezebox server plus I use USB stick it means some linux knowledge is necessary to mount that as a permanent device, so it is not for my grandma. (After the setup no maintenance necessary). Easy to control with Android app on phone.

This review has been posted for ALLO DIGIONE SIGNATURE Network audio Player Raspberry 3B+ DigiOne interface Pre-installed Volumio Black
Note :
Date :
L'excellence !
Apres bien des hésitation, j'ai fait l'acquisition de ce player, principalement pour "couter de la musique sur un NAS et écouter Qobuz. en renplacement d'une SqueezeBoxe Touch.
Le résultat est excellent : la musique écoutée avec mon DAC tempo 2.6, (et un matériel tres discriminant et THDG ampli comme enceintes...) via un très bon câble...;
La musique est trés aerée, détaillée profonde, et au final meilleur qu'avec mon lecteur CD , Tres HDG (lui aussi :) : le CDX2...)
Essayé avec Volumio, je vais tester d'autre logiciel comme Dietpi ou Picore...)
This review has been posted for ALLO DIGIONE SIGNATURE Network audio Player Raspberry 3B+ DigiOne interface Pre-installed Volumio Black

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