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2 - 1000

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75 W - 80 W

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0 A - 13 A





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Hifi Devices

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Manfred S.

Alu DIY Box
Unfortunately, the case was out of stock for a very long time.
But now where I was able to order it the case was delivered in...
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michel m.

Un ampli intéressant, plein de vivacité et d'une écoute plaisante.
Lui laisser le temps de roder ses composants ...
Note :
Date :

michel m.

Un ampli intéressant, plein de vivacité et d'une écoute plaisante.
Lui laisser le temps de roder ses composants ...

Hifi Devices

Hifi Devices

  • Audio amplifiers
    Audio amplifiers

    HiFi systems require audio amplifiers. Here you'll find all our high-fidelity amplifiers, which will enhance your sound and bring out the best in your speakers. From power amplifiers to integrated amplifiers, all powers and all classes (A, D, T) are available to meet your needs.
    Each amplifier is made up of an amplification module, an internal power supply, capacitors, printed circuits and a host of other components. You can be sure of the quality of these components in the amplifiers we offer.

  • DAC

    The term DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) designates a digital to Analog converter, ideal to embellish and sublimate your music pieces in digital format. Find here all our DAC Audio USB and/or SPDIF selected and selected for you, while being on the quality and the sound rendering that they offer.
    There is something for every taste and budget, from DACs under 50€ to start in the audiophile world, to DACs at 3000€ and more to perfect a HiFi installation worthy of the name.

  • Network Audio Players
    Network Audio Players

    Les lecteurs réseau traitent des fichiers audio numériques de qualité CD et Studio, ainsi que les services de musique en ligne et les radios Web. Lisez et jouez enfin vos musiques en très haute définition avec des taux d’échantillonnage allant jusqu'à 32bit/384kHz, grâce aux lecteurs réseau résolument HiFi et haut de gamme.

  • Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier
    Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier

    Découvrez notre gamme complète d'Amplificateur casque et de Préamplificateur audio. De l'ampli casque mobile à l'ampli casque sédentaire, vous trouverez l'appareil HiFi pour casque audio correspondant à vos attentes et vos besoins.
    Soyez également certain de la qualité des Préamplificateurs HiFi que nous vous proposons, qui saurons sublimer et améliorer considérablement votre rendu sonore.

  • Digital Interfaces
    Digital Interfaces
    You need to connect different devices but do not have the necessary connectivity on them? Our interfaces will allow you to efficiently convert inputs and outputs to fit your connectivity needs.
  • Selectors
    Do you have several sources and want to be able to select one quickly and intuitively, without making new connections? You probably need a source selector!
  • HiFi Power Supply
    HiFi Power Supply
  • DSP & A/V Processors
    DSP & A/V Processors
    Want to go further by adapting your system's reproduction to your listening or your equipment? A DSP processor will allow you to act directly on different parameters, such as equalization, balance, tone settings, and much more! You will also find in this category audio/video processors and preamplifiers for the integration of an immersive home theater system.
  • Digital audio player (DAP)
    Digital audio player (DAP)
  • HDMI extractors
    HDMI extractors

    Nous pouvons définir un Extracteurs HDMI comme un splitter permettant la conversion du signal d'entrée numérique HDMI audio et vidéo vers plusieurs types de sorties analogique ou numérique : HDMI, RCA, HDMI ARC, SPDIF, Optique et Coaxial. Peu importe la problématique HiFi que vous rencontrez, la solution se trouve ici parmi nos produits.

  • HIFI Stands
    HIFI Stands

    Our range of HiFi furniture, specifically designed to accommodate audio or multimedia devices, will allow you a perfect integration of your system, design and practical.

  • ADC
    The term ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) refers to an Analog-to-Digital converter. Find here all our ADC Audio USB and/or SPDIF ADCs chosen for the quality and sound quality they offer.
    There is something for all tastes and all budgets, from ADC DIY at less than 50€ to start in the audiophile world, to ADCs at more than 1000€ for performances and options worthy of the name.
  • Bluetooth Receivers and Transmitters
    Bluetooth Receivers and Transmitters
    Find here all our Bluetooth receivers and transmitters to design a practical and efficient wireless audio system!
  • WiFi Receivers and Transmitters
    WiFi Receivers and Transmitters
    Discover here our range of WiFi receivers and transmitters to give your audio system wireless compatibility for remote broadcasting.
  • Infrared Remote Controls and Receivers
    Infrared Remote Controls and Receivers
    Find in this category all our remote controls and infrared receivers / repeaters, to control your devices from your sofa!
  • Product packs
    Product packs
    Discover our product packages, designed specifically to provide complete, coherent, high-performance HiFi equipment packages.
  • Turntables & Players
    Turntables & Players
    Find in this category all our vinyl turntables and CD players, as well as all the accessories allowing the maintenance of the latter as well as your records.
  • Home-Theater
    In this category, you'll find all our home-theater equipment for an outstanding cinema sound experience!
  • Audio Clock
    Audio Clock
    In this category, you'll find all our high-fidelity audio clocks. These will enable you to supply your various audio components with a highly accurate clock signal to reduce jitter as much as possible, and thus promote precise sound reproduction.
  • Network switches and interfaces
    Network switches and interfaces
    In this category, you'll find all our switches and network interfaces, designed to facilitate your network connections or optimize the quality of your network signals.

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