RAMM AUDIO AMADEUS 5 MK2 Speaker cable OCC Copper 6x1.5mm² 6x16AWG 11AWG Ø16mm

RAMM AUDIO AMADEUS 5 MK2 Speaker cable OCC Copper 11AWG Ø16mm

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MMAR Amadeus 5 Mk2


Designed according to extremely strict specifications, the Amadeus 5 Mk2 cable is dedicated to wiring (& bi-wiring) loudspeakers and to power cables.

This speaker cable / power offers superior performance thanks to the use of materials and manufacturing methods that are rare in this price range.

The conductors are six core pure copper OCC and its insulating structure (Air Geometry Design) uses air with a pattern designed by the mark itself.


The connectors are arranged so that the wiring of your devices according can be "tuned" according to their strengths and their weaknesses. One can dedicate 2x2 conductors to the positive and 2x1 conductor to the negative to obtain a rich and balanced sound stage in a bi-wiring context. Conversely, less symmetrical arrangements may also be made for filter / crossover.

In addition to the six main strands of 16AWG there is a seventhdriver designed to connect the mass and thus avoid most noise.

Definitely audiophile, Amadeus cable 5 Mk2 offers pure performance through high quality multiple conductors and a protective screen shield Aluminum / PP / PVC.

All conditions are met for optimal resistance to interference with minimal distortion.

Bi-wiring amplifier

Amadeus 5 wiring diagram

Wiring for AC outlet

Amadeus 5 wiring diagram sector
TypeCable sold by the meter
ConductorsPure copper OCC 11AWG (4.17mm²)
Cores6 cores made from 6x7 conductors
InsulatingDesigned by Ramm / air geometrical structure and polypropylene
Diameter per conductorApprox. 2mm
Total Diamtètre16mm
Common useSpeaker câble / Double speaker cables / power cable
PVC bodyBraided Nylon & PVC Body Blue
Data sheet
Length (m)Sold by length
Separated conductorsYes
Insulation materialPE
Section (mm²)4.17
Conductors material (Cable)Copper
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Average votes
4.9 / 5
13 reviews
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Note :
Date :
Musicalité, définition, transparence.
J’utilise ce câble en bicablage et il remplace pour mon plus grand plaisir des VIARD AUDIO HD silver. Cela me donne un rendu plus favorable que des Nordost frey 2 que j’ai essayés sur mon système.
(Mac intosh D150/MC352/Audio research LS27/Klipsch forte 3)
Contrairement au schéma de la spécification, j’ai raccordé les 6 câbles à l’amplificateur ; Rouge/blanc/bleu pour le + et noir/jaune/vert pour le -, dont 2 câbles (rouge/vert) pour les médium/ tweeter et 4 câbles pour le grave.
Le résultat est une spatialisation plus accrue, le son est plus limpide, plus dynamique et plus de détail sans être fatiguant après de longues heures d’écoutes. Je découvre toute une gamme de nuance dans les graves et percussions. Les voix sont présentes et charnelles.
Avec ces câbles je redécouvre mon système et ma discothèque.
This review has been posted for RAMM AUDIO AMADEUS 5 MK2 Speaker cable OCC Copper 6x1.5mm² 6x16AWG 11AWG Ø16mm
Note :
Date :
Excelente cabo
Optimo serviço da Audiophonics, rapido e bastante profissional.

Fiz o upgrade do Cabo Canare 4s11 para o Ramm audio amadeus 5 mk2 .

É um cabo bastante trabalhoso de se montar, muito delicado.
Depois de acabado e ligado fez-me sorrir pelos melhore motivos.
Vale a pena.
This review has been posted for RAMM AUDIO AMADEUS 5 MK2 Speaker cable OCC Copper 6x1.5mm² 6x16AWG 11AWG Ø16mm
Note :
Date :
utilisé comme cable secteur
Résultat détaillé on entend chaque voix détachées et différenciées sur un disque de choeur d'église . On ressent les ambiances des lieux d'enregistrement . Cependant les timbres des instruments sont moins aboutis et la scéne sonore moins épanouie par rapport au cable secteur yarbo cuivre/argent avecles mêmes connecteurs ( viborg or/ argent) . Un bon choix toutefois en tant que cable secteur ( cablé selon le schéma de audiophonics). Il s'agit juste d'une affaire de goût .
This review has been posted for RAMM AUDIO AMADEUS 5 MK2 Speaker cable OCC Copper 6x1.5mm² 6x16AWG 11AWG Ø16mm
Note :
Date :
Câble Ramm occ
Ce câble est tout simplement musical. Il transcrit la musique telle que sans ajout ni retrait. A recommander. Très bon rapport qualité prix. Merci Audiophonics
This review has been posted for RAMM AUDIO AMADEUS 5 MK2 Speaker cable OCC Copper 6x1.5mm² 6x16AWG 11AWG Ø16mm
Note :
Date :
This cable respects your music …
Le commentaire qui suit est l’exacte traduction de mon commentaire originel en Français.

The following commentary is the exact translation of my original commentary in French.

I am making with the Amadeus 5 MKII cable two iterations of AC cables that I have named "Rsimple" and "DoubleRamm".
The Rsimple is an Amadeus 5 cable around which I thread a fiberglass-silicone sheath (not yet on sale at our usual online seller ...) which tightens the cable and very effectively dampens vibrations; around this sheath I put a black 18-25mm Cotton sheath (Item no .: 5590) which is also very effective at damping micro-vibrations. Also for an impeccable exterior presentation ...
Three wires for the Phase, three wires for the Neutral, the shield wire connected to the Earth contacts. This gives me a cable of 4.2mm # section per phase. Either a current capacity of 25 Amp ..

The DoubleRamm is more sophisticated: First of all, you should know that OCC wire is directional; this direction is indicated on the black rubber cable sheath by silver-colored screen-printed arrows. This orientation is necessary due to the asymmetric molecular structure when OCC copper is drawn during the manufacture of the conductor wire. (Source: the manufacturer RAMM AUDIO, with whom I am in correspondence)
So I take two Amadeus 5 cables that I twist together, one in the direction of the directional arrows; the second oriented in the opposite direction.
I connect the Schuko connector to the Phase with the direction of the arrows towards the IEC connector, the other cable, with the arrows pointing from the IEC to the Schuko will be used for Neutral; my two cables are therefore optimally oriented with respect to the molecular structure of the wires.
I put a fiberglass-silicone sleeve around this twist to perfectly tighten my twist and, on the outside, a black Cotton 18-25mm sheath (Item no .: 5590).
The wires of all shields (of both cables) are connected to the earth contacts.
With the Amadeus 5 MKII cable, you must not forget to strip the tiny PE sheaths that surround four out of seven copper strands in each of the six wires, otherwise you are missing out on the qualities of this cable ...
All this together gives me a cable of 8.5mm # section per phase, or a current capacity of about fifty Amps ...
I would also like to point out that this type of "DoubleRamm" assembly is also totally relevant for the realization of cables for loudspeakers; in this case, I advise you to connect the shielding wires of the cables to the earth via an "extension" in 1.5 # yellow-green wire to an earth point.
Advice: do not leave your "DoubleRamm" AC cables or speakers lying around on the floor, I use 25cm sections of Polyethylene tubing to raise them (primary use: plumbing insulation, on sale in all good brico's …) Diameter 9cm, positioned "upright" on the ground, at intervals of about fifty cm, supporting the cable. The benefit of this assembly will be a more airy sound, deeper silences.

In my DoubleRamm AC cables I have connected and tested six different AC connectors; the results are spectacular, this cable construction is a real benchmark… My favorite AC connectors with this cable are the OYAIDE M1e-F1 (Platinum-Palladium) (Item no .: 10387) & FURUTECH E48 Rhodium (Item no .: 13896) .
With such equipment, you just have the impression that you have bought new amplifiers !!!! Kind very very expensive, moreover !!!!! (Which puts the cost of your DoubleRamm cable into perspective….) Surprising, isn't it?

Your first impression when listening will be a very natural and a great fluidity of the musical message. This cable is particularly neutral and lets express the qualities and faults of the connectors you have chosen and fitted. With M1e or E48 Rh connectors the pleasure is immense.
With the OYAIDE M1e-F1 (Platinum-Palladium) connectors (Item no .: 10387), you get an ultra-defined and ultra-dynamic sound, the instrument attacks are sharp and incisive without ever being aggressive. But the most impressive of these connectors, are the separation of the instruments as well as the spatialization of these… Really, the result is spectacular, this connector is an absolute master-buy… You identify very clearly each instrument, perfectly separated from all the remains, it is in its place, and it remains there; the soundstage is truly three-dimensional, with a feeling of transparency and a quality of rarely heard "silences". The slightest vibrato of a voice, the clarity and naturalness of an acoustic piano, the definition, the depth and the "tension" in the bass, you have to have heard that to be believed… No one is perfect, the performances of this connector degrade very slightly in the extreme acute, beyond six-eight KHz, it loses a little in definition …

With the FURUTECH E48 Rhodium connectors (Item no .: 13896), we have a profile full of the qualities of Oyaide, with definition and finesse and much better subtlety in the high and the extreme highs; the E48 Rh is unmatched in the treble…. This connector is ideal for "full-range" use, because it is perfectly homogeneous from the lowest to the highest ... Without ever being aggressive ....
However, it should be noted that this E48 Rh is slightly behind in terms of quality compared to OYAIDE M1e in the field of dynamics and the separation of instruments; the E48 Rh is a little "softened", "disciplined" where the OYAIDE is "mastered and unrestrained ardor".
Some fans of "classical" music will find the E48 Rh very musical with a superlative beauty of the timbres, perhaps more to their taste than the Oyaide.
Anyway, at this level, everyone must do their own listening and make their choice (s) according to their equipment and their personal expectations ...

Given all of the above, there is no doubt that this amazingly performing cable has unrivaled value for money; that it is questioning compared to certain manufacturers of cables "assembled" which seem to have no limit in the pricing of their products, sometimes to the point of indecency ...
Thanks to RAMM AUDIO for achieving such a technical feat…. And commercial….

I also want to mention in this comment the effectiveness and relevance of the advice of our online seller Audiophonics. Always attentive to its customers, the sales team has an ability to advise you and offer you alternative solutions that I have not seen in any other. When the time comes to order and it is in stock, shipping is always immediate and the quality of the packaging is always "superlative"; like the delivery man can swing your precious package over the garden gate without any problem ...
On the other hand, if your purchase is not in stock, you will have to be patient ... May I suggest that management do everything possible to avoid stockouts, this will be a win-win plan. Thank you in advance ...

May I invite you to go and read my comment called "Comparative evaluation of six AC connectors." in the presentation pages of these.
If you want to know more about the quad-amplification on which all the evaluations were carried out, go to the Ebay site and visit my announcements in the name of the pseudo luculluspatrick, and in particular: Crossover Active Filter Marchand XM44/4 "Audiophile edition".
Through these announcements, you can, if you wish, ask me any questions you deem useful …
(GOOGLE translation….)
This review has been posted for RAMM AUDIO AMADEUS 5 MK2 Speaker cable OCC Copper 6x1.5mm² 6x16AWG 11AWG Ø16mm

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