IPAR 1023A Preamplifier / Volume Controller / Headphone Amplifier / Source Selector

IPARD AUDIO 1023A Preamplifier Volume & Input selector control
The IPAR 1023A is a hybrid device headset amplifier / preamplifier / source selector that displays excellent audio characteristics including a high power level, two isolated circuits with independent control of volume. It is an ideal choice to mount a compact audio system or add features to an existing hi-fi system.

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IPAR 1023A

Preamplifier / Volume Controller / Headphone Amplifier / Source Selector

Ipar 1023A Préamplificateur / Amplificateur casque / Contrôleur de volume / Sélecteur de source

The IPAR 1023A is a hybrid headphone amplifier / preamplifier / source selector device that displays excellent audio characteristics including a high level power supply, two isolated circuits with independent volume control. It is an ideal choice for mounting a compact audio installation or adding features to an existing system.


Headphone tube amplifier

The 1023A's headphone amplifier stage operates with a tube (GE5670). The latter benefits from four signal & buffer input switching sets. Naturally, this part is the most delicate and sensitive to disturbances, so it is located opposite the power supply to avoid interference and enjoy a clean and clear signal. 

The headphone amplifier stage is positioned to optimize the distance to be covered by the signal up to the 6.35mm jack output. Very flexible, the device is capable of withstanding impedances from 10 to 600 Ohms, which allows it to work with most headsets, from the most basic to the most advanced.

Independant preamplifier

In addition to its headphone amplification function, the device has a preamplification circuit that also uses the vacuum tube circuit. While this configuration induces some distortion, it brings a warm and far from being unpleasant signature.
The headphone output stage and preamplifier are completely independent. This means that each has its own volume control and the two stages can operate simultaneously in complete isolation. Similarly, the power supplies are isolated, which significantly reduces noise and interference in each circuit.


4 Stereo RCA inputs & input selector

The 1023 A has 4 stereo RCA inputs with color marking. The conductors are made of copper to preserve all the qualities of the signal.  The device is complemented by a source selector function that allows effortless navigation between the four inputs. An option that makes the 1023A a very versatile device.

A button on the front panel allows you to switch immediately from one input to another. It is not necessary to respect the input nomenclature. The names "CD / DAC / PC / AUX" are arbitrary and purely indicative markings intended to serve as landmarks.


High quality power supply stage

The 1023A from Ipar has a high-performance power supply consisting of 5 AC power supply groups with 5 first-level voltage regulator groups, followed by 4 sets of two-stage regulators.

This power supply is sealed to the housing to limit vibration and interference, thus contributing to a high signal-to-noise ratio: -114.3dB (headphones) / -113.1dB (Preamp)

Finally, the box displays a selector switch allowing you to choose between a 220V and 110V power supply. This will allow the device to survive a long-distance move.

Gain control

The headphone circuit has an adjustable gain. The controls are located under the housing and allow you to set the maximum volume gain. This positioning especially avoids accidental disturbances. This option will be very useful to adapt the gain of the headphone amplifier to the needs of the different headset models that will be connected to it. 

Fonction controle de gain sur préamplificateur et amplificateur casque

The 1023A mounted on a 1023B power amplifier (not supplied)

Qobuzissime for the Ipar 1023A

" We award our Qobuzissime award to this preamplifier with headphone amplifier Ipar 1023A for its high power on its headphone output whose sound qualities are of the highest quality.. "
Qobuzissime pour le Ipar 1023A
Product typePreamplifier
Headphone amplifier
Input selector
Power supply110/120 - 220/240V with selector
OutputsJack 6.3 mm
Analog Stereo RCA
InputsAnalog stereo RCA x4
Preamplifier distortion0.143% (tube 5687)
Headphone output distortion0.154% ( tube 5687)
Preamplifier frequency response20Hz (-0.4 dB)
20kHz (-0.5 dB)
Headphone output frequency response20Hz (-0.3 dB)
20kHz (-0.8 dB)
Preamplifier SNR-113.1 dB
Headphone output SNR-114.3 dB
Supported headphone impedance10 - 600 Ohms
Headphone power output300R load : 220mW
32R load : 480mW
Dimensions260 x 175 x 50 mm
Weight2.7 kg
Ipar 1023Ax1
accessories NOT provided
Power cable (Available as accessories)
Data sheet
Remote ControlNo
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Note :
Date :
Bon amplii casque
bon préampli/ampli casque
je l'utilise surtout en préampli sur un atoll in 50 se en by pass très bon son a tel point que je vais m'équiper d'un ampli de puissance de la même marque il a juste un petit ploque au démarrage et a l'extinction
This review has been posted for IPAR 1023A Preamplifier / Volume Controller / Headphone Amplifier / Source Selector
Note :
Date :
Perfect amp. Don´t miss him!
Even though I'm not a sound expert, I don't have top-notch headphones, as well as high-end comparison or test devices, I'll write a few words. First of all, with what I am "testing" the amplifier and why I chose this one. I wanted a desktop but still portable amplifier for my HiRes DAP. But with the ability to plug in more devices at the same time, and with the ability to output a large amplifier. Of course, in an affordable price. The choice fell on iPar. Its design looks good, holds everything firmly together, a nice front panel. The only complaint is the quality of potentiometers, more precisely knobs. They do not hold firmly, they lean out, the "0" mark is just a crooked ribbon on the root of the knob. Certainly I will have to replace them for the better over time. Otherwise everything works fine. The amplifier is without the manual and any original box.
Now, what and with what I used to compare the amplifier. I currently have ATH-AD900, and ATH-ES88 headphones as the DAP QLS360MOD sound source, and DAP Colorfly C4PRO as a second comparison. Music - all WAV and FLAC formats: Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastiano Plano - Everything, Bliss - John Metcalfe - Kites and echoes, Diana Krall - All for You A Dedication to the Nat King Cole Trio, Maok - Svetloleť .
I immediately set the gain on the amplifier to -3dB. My headphones are not high ohm so the amplifier's power is more than enough. Even at higher volumes, sound-music did not become extremely unpleasant, sharp. Likewise, it is felt that the amplifier has a sufficient margin, it does not sniff so quickly, it does not feel so much its boundaries as the headphones and human ears. Now the sound. The differences are very subtle, it would certainly help to have a wider selection of headphones. Colorfly C4PRO is feeling sweeter, feeling more coherent music, it's like a comparison between CD and magnetic tape. Though some of the finest microdetails are lost, but the music is more plastic, more human, warmer. QLS 360MOD is softer, the sound is silky, not as warm as Colorfly, it is more audiophile. Both can be listened for a long time without fatigue. However, both lack a bit of drive, speed. iPar Amplifier - What I noticed first is already a sufficient performance control, very similar subtlety in sound performance, and a slightly more separated musical instrument, with a wider space around them, their more accurate localization. The whole sound band is exemplary balanced, nothing stands out or vice versa. Mid range - voices exemplified by a man, did not register any sibilation in the voices. The heights are clean. Basses are controlled, solid, nothing is lost in them. Long-term listening doesn't tire at all. From the memory I compare it with the Denon PMA-2000R amplifier, which I have at home - it is certainly faster, has more drive, but for long listening iPar is better. Even though I have not experienced any of them, even the iPar amplifier, on my back, whether it is crying / it is a holy grail to listen to music /, I can say with confidence that iPar is a very good amplifier, not offensive or tired, it is very musical, its sound exceeds the size of the headphones and is lost during long-term listening. Only music remains.
As a bonus, there is a preamp, but I do not have the opportunity to try, compare. And of course multiple inputs. I personally strongly recommend the amplifier.
PS: A few words to Audiophonics - a great service, trying to solve everything. My piece had a slight damage during transport / from China /, and they immediately suggested a discount. It is better to ask them to check the ordered goods before sending them. You never know.
This review has been posted for IPAR 1023A Preamplifier / Volume Controller / Headphone Amplifier / Source Selector
IPAR 1023A Preamplifier / Volume Controller / Headphone Amplifier / Source Selector
The IPAR 1023A is a hybrid device headset amplifier / preamplifier / source selector that displays excellent audio characteristics including a high...

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