AUDIO-GD R-7HE 2021 EDITION Balanced DAC R2R FPGA I2S HDMI Amanero 32bit 384kHz DSD Accusilicon

AUDIO-GD R-7HE DAC Symétrique R2R I2S HDMI Amanero 32bit 384kHz DSD512 Regenerative Power Supply
Audio-GD is developing its HE range, composed of its most top-of-the-range products. They benefit from the longest design and testing period since the brand's inception. This R-7HE model is an updated version of the R2R-7-HE.

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Audio-GD R-7HE 2021 - Full Clocks upgrade version

Ladder Symetrical DAC ACSS 32bit/384kHz AMANERO I2S HDMI

This is the 2021 version equipped with the latest 318B clocks from Accusilicon. The latter offer improved performance over previous TCXO models and allow the DAC to operate with increased accuracy.
Crystek clocks are also used on the USB interface.

The excellent Audio-GD R2R 7 HE updated

Audio-GD is developing its HE range, composed of its most top-of-the-range products. They benefit from the longest design and testing period since the brand's inception. This R-7HE model is an updated version of the R2R-7-HE. It thus takes up everything that made the success of its predecessor, namely 4 Ladder DAC DA-7 R2R fully symmetrical and discreet, allowing support of the DSD512 and PCM 32Bit 384kHz in the best way. It adds to this an improvement in the isolated Class A power supply for the Amanero module, a larger display with new buttons on the front panel to be able to change the settings without opening the device and finally a Mini USB port on the rear panel to be able to easily perform firmware updates.

It also features a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processor identical to those used in very high-end DACs, such as the popular ROCKNA WAVEDREAM DAC. On the restitution side, we also find the performances of the previous model, namely a sound rich in details, a great dynamics, and a wide and deep sound scene.

2021 Edition

The Audio-GD R7HE in its 2021 version benefits from new features as well as certain improvements, with the aim of providing an ever more precise and richer sound reproduction.

  • [New feature] The USB and HDMI inputs use separate isolators and an isolated power supply to avoid possible interruptions in the flow from your computer or HDMI source.
  • [New feature] The USB input uses a bi-directional isolator that can transmit the I2S signal to the FPGA processor and receive the clock signal from it for accurate transmission of the data stream.
  • [New feature] The HDMI input has its own isolator for better sound quality.
  • [New feature] Use of asynchronous DSD clock technology.
  • [New feature] The SPDIF input now supports DoP.
  • [Upgrade] The FPGA processes data in parallel mode so that only one clock cycle is required to process and transmit a data frame.
    The I2S input (including USB and HDMI input) has been combined to switch to dual 32bit parallel. The SPDIF input after decoder has been combined to dual 24bit parallel. The DSD input has been combined to dual 64bit parallel.
  • [Upgrade] Revised and improved clock configuration for better synchronization.


Full upgrade version

regular version


Accusilicon Clocks

TCXO Clocks

USB Interface

Amanero USB interface Galvanic isolation Separate power for USB

Amanero USB interface

Seamless components and connectivity

Like its predecessor and many Audio-GD products, the R-7HE uses the brand's Amanero USB technology supporting resolutions up to 32bit 384kHz. The R-7HE has 6 inputs: BNC, RCA Coaxial, Optical, HDMI I2S, RJ45 I2S, USB. These each have interfaces adapted to provide the highest sound quality. On the output side, the R-7HE offers XLR, RCA and ACSS.

Audio-GD R-7HE Connectique

R2R 4x DA-7 R2R Design

The R-7HE is a DAC R2R, a design that has become popular thanks to its undeniable sound qualities, especially when integrated into high-end products. While there are several methods for designing a DAC R2R that impact both performance and design complexity, Audio-GD continues to choose the highest quality as usual.

The design chosen by the brand switches the ultra-low tolerance resistors in parallel and an ultra-fast FPGA chip corrects the R2R scale. This design allows you to control and correct each bit distinctly to achieve incredible performance. In addition, with this parallel structure, a single clock cycle allows all the data to be processed, where a series connection would require 8 to 24. Thanks to this architecture, Audio-GD allows its R-7HE to correct imperfections in basic R2R assemblies, i.e. those caused by resistance tolerance.

Main advantages of the DAC R2R Ladder discrete:

  • The R2R does not convert the clock signal into the output signal.
  • R2R is less sensitive to jitter.
  • R2R provides a more accurate output signal.
Audio-GD R7 R2R Ladder
Audio-GD R7 FPGA

Ultra fast signal processing

FPGA chips, now widely used in the audio world, allow full control of the hardware by a software layer. One of the major advantages of this technology is the ability to easily perform updates, thus allowing the device to be improved without necessarily having to replace components. It is therefore both an efficient and flexible solution.

In the R-7HE, the FPGA is responsible for 3 major points:

  • The FPGA acts as an excellent high-performance SPDIF interface, much more efficient than a conventional chip.
  • It allows a complete re-clocking with a FIFO design applicable to each input. In this way the output data is fully synchronized with the clock signal to greatly reduce jitter.
  • The FPGA also includes 2x, 4x and 8x oversampling, digital filters and 4 different NOS modes.

Discrete symmetrical analog output stage

After the Digital to Analog conversion by the dedicated modules, the analog signal is transported to the discrete balanced output stages using paired FET Class A transistors. The analog sections have no surface components, only discrete components. This diagram allows to obtain a system without any feedback (non-feedback) and a very low output impedance. From a sound point of view, this translates into an absolutely disconcerting neutrality. This output stage also has ACSS analog outputs for even higher detail and definition.

Audio-GD R7 étage de sortie analogique discret
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Audio-GD has its own technological signature called ACSS for "Audio-GD Current System Signal". Thanks to the firm's expertise and know-how, this technology offers a less colourful, more detailed sound, and unparalleled neutrality. Each of the brand's technical engineers is, in addition to being experienced, a Hi-Fi and Audio enthusiast like you and us.

Easier to use

Si la marque nous a pendant un temps habitué à des réglages de filtres se faisant grâce à des switch se trouvant sous le capot de ses appareils, elle offre maintenant une ergonomie améliorée en proposant d'effectuer ces réglages directement depuis la façade de l'appareil. En effet, des boutons permettent de choisir simplement le filtre actif, sans aucun besoin de démonter l'appareil. Le R-7HE propose 4 filtres en mode NOS et 3 filtres en mode Oversampling. Dans cette même optique de simplifier l'utilisation du DAC, Audio-GD intègre un port Micro USB à l'arrière de l'appareil permettant d'effectuer simplement les mises à jour du firmware.

Audio-GD R7 Réglages en façade

Regenerative Power Supply

The integrated regenerative power supply is an electrical generator integrated directly into the unit and avoids any noise from the main power supply and thus provides an ultra-low noise AC signal to power the preamplifier. It regenerates the main power supply and blocks the noise of the electrical signal to obtain the most neutral sound.

First, a transformer converts the main voltage. DC conversion is carried out by Class A power supplies. A discrete symmetrical regenerative wave generator produces an ultra-low distortion wave at 50Hz.

Symmetrical amplifiers with powerful output stages drive regenerative transformers to produce extremely clean alternating current. This totally clean signal is then routed to separate Class A power supplies for the left and right channels.

The Class A DC power supply with a high input impedance will avoid any noise and allow the amplification stages to have a low output impedance.

In addition, the 4 R-Core transformers provide 295W of power to the system and NOVER capacitors of more than 95000µF are used to ensure a fluid current.

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Oversampling & NOS Filters

The R-7HE offers several Oversampling or NOS (Non-Oversampling) modes. If you wish to choose Oversampling, simply select the value "O". If you want to choose the NOS then you have to choose the value "N". You can then select one of the following modes to adapt the playback to your listening experience.

Oversampling Filters
Mode 0NOS Mode
Mode 22x Oversampling
Mode 44x Oversampling
Mode 88x Oversampling
NOS Filters
Mode 1Simplest data processing
Mode 2FIFO data
Mode 3Fastest data processing

Technical characteristics

Product typeDAC R2R
SNR> 120dB
Output impedance< 5 Ohm (XLR, RCA)
Output levelRCA : 2.5V
XLR : 5V
ACSS : 2+2MA
Frequency response20Hz - 100kHz
THD< 0.0005%
Input sensitivityCoaxial 75 Ohm : 0.5Vp-p
Optical : 19dBm
Supported OS (USB)Windows, OSX, Linux, ISO
Sampling rateUSB, I2S : 32bits 44.1kHz - 384kHz / DSD 64-512
Coaxial, Optical : 24bits 44.1kHz - 192kHz
Inputs1x Coaxial RCA SPDIF
1x Coaxial BNC SPDIF
1x Optical Toslink
1x I2S LVDS via HDMI
1x USB Amanero
1x XLR
Outputs1x Balanced ACSS
1x Balanced XLR
1x Single-Ended RCA
Dimensions430 x 430 x 125mm
Housing material100% Aluminium
Accessories1x Power cable
1x USB cable
Data sheet
Max sampling rateDSD512
Max sampling rate384kHz
Remote ControlNo
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Note :
Date :
Quel rendu naturel
Ce DAC est étonnant de naturel.

On a l'impression d'être au concert. Précision des timbres, dynamique, scène sonore large et profonde, c'est formidable.

Je l'utilise en liaison USB avec Daphile.
Nécessite un cable particulièrement transparent pour en tirer le maximum.

On a plus l'impression d'entendre une source numérique.
This review has been posted for AUDIO-GD R-7HE 2021 EDITION Balanced DAC R2R FPGA I2S HDMI Amanero 32bit 384kHz DSD Accusilicon
Note :
Date :
Par rapport à mes Audio-R1 "maison" (cartes DA-8 / Amanero et alimentation maison), le progrès est consdérable;

On ne se pose aucune question avec le R7-HE 2021. Tout sonne naturel. Dynamique exceptionnelle, silence entre les notes, scène sonore large et profonde, on s'y croit.

Tous les petits défauts d'écoute que je pouvais ressentir avec mon R1 et mes DACs précédents ont disparus.

Classique, Jazz, rock, tout est splendide. Plus le disque est beau, plus l'écoute est somptueuse.

On a qu'une envie; s'assoir, écouter des disques encore en encore.

Produit exceptionnel.

This review has been posted for AUDIO-GD R-7HE 2021 EDITION Balanced DAC R2R FPGA I2S HDMI Amanero 32bit 384kHz DSD Accusilicon
AUDIO-GD R-7HE 2021 EDITION Balanced DAC R2R FPGA I2S HDMI Amanero 32bit 384kHz DSD Accusilicon
Audio-GD is developing its HE range, composed of its most top-of-the-range products. They benefit from the longest design and testing period since...

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