SHANLING EM5 Network audio player DAC AK4493 32bit / 768kHz DSD256 MQA Black

SHANLING EM5 DAC / Amplificateur casque / Préamplificateur
The EM5 is a complete high-end DAC/headphone amplifier station, with a wide range of different connectors, including balanced XLR and 4.4 mm. It can also be used as a DAC and preamplifier when combined with a separate power amplifier or active speakers.

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Network audio player / Station DAC / Headphone Amplifier / Preamp AK4493 32bit / 768kHz DSD256 MQAx8

The EM5 is a complete high-end DAC / headphone amplifier station, with a wide range of different connectors, including balanced XLR and 4.4mm. It can also be used as a DAC and preamplifier when paired with a separate power amplifier or active speakers.

DAC AK4493 + OPA2211

The EM5 conversion stage is based on an excellent AK4493 chip. This generation of AKM 32bit DACs features Velvet Sound ™ technology as well as OSR Doubler filtering. It also ensures an extremely low level of distortion with a generous dynamic range.

Integrated into an Android system, the DAC supports sampling rates up to 32bit 768kHz and native DSD256 (+ DSD512 software support), while ensuring minimal noise as well as pure sound reproduction.

The digital to analog circuit is accompanied by Panasonic Polymet Tantalum capacitors, allowing filtering of the power supply and therefore contribute to upgrading the in-depth signal-to-noise ratio.

Finally, the analog signal at the output of the DAC circuit embeds an OPA2211 operational amplifier: a remarkable component regularly used in the filtering / buffering of very high-end DACs.

Huge possibilities for integration

The possibilities of integration and the ways of sending digital audio signal to the EM5 are numerous. Its digital circuit is accessible via a USB input, a coaxial input, an optical input. It also has wired network connectivity (RJ45) even has its own ability to read files from USB storage devices.

Wireless connectivity is not left out since the EM5 can receive audio streams via a WiFi (2.4 & 5G) & two-way Bluetooth 4.2 on-board circuit. Shanling's EM5 is therefore compatible with DLNA & Airplay standards and supports high definition bluetooth audio streams (LDAC).

Headphone Amplifier & Preamplifier

The EM5 has a very interesting connection for a centralized audio installation. It has no less than three different headphone outputs (6.35mm single-ended/ 4.4mm & balanced 4-pin XLR) as well as two pre-amplified analog outputs on RCA & XLR connectors.

The headphone output stage is capable of delivering a comfortable power of 540mW @ 32Ohm (SE) against 1620mW @ 32Ohm (balanced). It takes advantage of an extremely clean and dynamic signal thanks to two TPA6120A2.

Its preamplified output uses two reference Muse8920 operational amplifiers.

Touchscreen interface & Android

Dressed in a beautiful 4.7 inch HD touchscreen, the Shanling EM5 displays beautiful colors. Offering an optimal visual experience, this screen provides an intuitive and easy user experience.

The touch interface makes it easy to control the Android distribution (customized & closed) and to take advantage of its many streaming applications already present to use your favorite streaming services.

DSD 256 & MQA x8

The EM5 supports very high resolution files. It is able to read and get the most out of DSD files up to DSD256 (512 with software), but also supports 8x MQA decoding. The latter format allows sound reproduction as close as possible to the quality of the original recordings, with a limited file size.

Control app

Shanling provides its own mobile application, available on Android and iOS, for free. Ergonomic and easy to use, it allows you to control remote playback on your connected Shanling device, browse through your local or networked files or even play your music from Spotify.

Shanling EM5 Lecteur réseau audio DAC AK4493 32bit 768kHz DSD256 MQA
TypeDAC, Headphone amplifier, preamplifier
DAC chipAKM AK4493
Amplifier headphone2x TPA6120A2
Preamplifier2X Muse8920
ClocksKDS Crystal oscillator
FilteringPanasonic Tantalum capacitors
InputsUSB, Coaxial, Optical, RJ45, WiFi, Bluetooth
OutputsDigital: Coaxial, Optique
Analog : Jack 6.35mm, Jack 4.4mm, XLR 4 pins, RCA, XLR
Headphone amp powerSingle-ended – 540mW @ 32Ohm
Balanced – 1620mW @ 32Ohm
Sampling ratePCM 32bit / 768kHz
DSD256 native, DSD512 software
8x MQA
Bluetooth CodecLDAC / LHDC / AptX HD / AptX / SBC
WiFiDual-Band : 2.4G / 5G
OSAndroid (custom)
DisplayTouchscreen 4.7 inches HD
Power supply 230VSMPS (intergrated)
Package1x Shanling EM5
1x Power cable
1x Jack 6.35mm to Jack 3.5mm adapter
1x USB-A to USB-B cable
Data sheet
OutputOptical Toslink
OutputCoaxial SPDIF
OutputJack 4.4mm
OutputJack 6.35mm
DAC / ADC ChipAK4493EQ
Max sampling rate768kHz
Max sampling rateDSD256
ClassClass D / T
Remote ControlNo
Streaming services & Network protocolsSpotify
Streaming services & Network protocolsQobuz
Streaming services & Network protocolsDLNA
Streaming services & Network protocolsDeezer
Streaming services & Network protocolsAmazon Music
Streaming services & Network protocolsAirPlay

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Note :
Date :
Not for nervous people
Delivered from France to Italy in less than 24 hours (via UPS, with surcharge), it's a sturdy, beautifully built, very good sounding device, just like you expect from the pictures and the specs. But it’s a device for very patient people.
There is a quick start guide which gives you barely the essentials. In order to use the EM5 properly, much better off relying on the builder website.
Once turned on, and set the wi-fi connection, I immediately started an online software update… Which took at least 30 minutes. Then I need to factory reset the EM5, as per Shanling instructions. Again, few minutes. Then I had to understand the way the UI works, and it was not a matter of seconds, even for a reasonably skilled Hi-Fi user. Then I downloaded a couple of apps and started listening hi-res from Apple Music and Amazon. Cool!
But not enough. When I finally connected my HFM Sundara to the single ended output via the provided 6.35mm adaptor I could only listen just one channel very badly! Oh shit, I thought I had to resend back the Chinese box to Audiophonics!
But, before getting into the panic, I tried another 6.3 mm adaptor jack and I finally started listening. But this was at least one hour and a half after unboxing the device.
Wow! I was finally able to enjoy my music. Well, not exactly. I immediately realized that to properly move my 37 ohm Sundara, I needed to set at least high setting or, even better, turbo setting… Mmmmmh. Not enough power if you go single ended with a planar HP.
In the meantime, the glass top of the box was becoming crowded of fingerprints, my eyes were getting tired to read the micro characters on the small screen and I was starting to run off my patience.
However, after another half an hour I was finally able to connect my Samsung S22 to the device via the Eddict app and I started to discover how it is nice to command the EM5 remotely… As long as the app get stuck and you need to reboot it, or to reboout the device, or to reboot both… (And also the BT connection wasn’t a matter of seconds, wth several tries before getting it done)
It was late at night, when I decided to start over my relationship with the Shanling the day after.
The morning after, calmed down, I delicately turned on the device and… Something went wrong, as I could only listen at minimum volume and the power knob didn’t work. What’s the problem? Just reboot the device and start it over.
This time, I connected my HP via a 4.4 pentaconn jack balanced cable. I set the gain to high, I selected an hi resolution track on Apple Music and I started listening. I paid particular attention in using the Eddict app kindly and slowly, in order not to offend it because, as I said, it’s very susceptible.
Finally, the sound started to flow the way it was intended. Delicate, smooth, transparent, in a word, very hi-fi and I started to be happy of my purchase. The Shanling has an energetic sound signature that I could define slightly warm and relaxing, but not lazy at all. I liked especially the old-school AKM DAC chip implementation, which sounds cheerful and somehow refined, which makes the EM5 different and more ear friendly that the widely used ESS Sabre chips, which, to me, are too clinical and a bit cold sounding.
Ok. In order to make the long story short: the device is not bug free, the software still needs several improvements, the factory quality control should be extended to the accessories, the amp power is sufficient but you may need an external amp for high impedance difficult headphones, the look is gorgeus and, finally, the sound is nothing less than pure pleasure for music lovers.
And I love the Vu-meters option. But bear in mind that it only works when you play local files and you cannot get it if you play streaming or you are using the EM5 to decode and amp external digital sources.
It’s worth 850 bucks? I don’t know. But I like this staff a lot.
This review has been posted for SHANLING EM5 Network audio player DAC AK4493 32bit / 768kHz DSD256 MQA Black
Note :
Date :
Bon, mais pas parfait
Signature sonore transistorisée typique, qui penche plus vers le bipolaire que vers le mos-fet (les anciens me comprendront).
Cela reste globalement toujours très naturel.
Sur tous les paramètres d'analyse audio, l'EM5 n'est jamais premier de la classe, mais il est toujours bien placé, ce qui en fait un appareil très homogène.
Vous voulez mieux ? Et bien, se sera beaucoup plus cher! Un M30, par exemple, c'est plus de 4 fois le prix, et c'est seulement un poil mieux et en éléments séparés c'est un budget au moi moins 3 fois plus important pour se dire "ok, c'est mieux!
Des défauts et bien oui : la partie soft, brouillonne, qui bug quelquefois, qui s’améliore doucement avec les maj, mais bon...
Le dlna compatible avec peu d’applications tierces.
À améliorer donc, le consommateur ne doit pas servir de testeur bêta...
This review has been posted for SHANLING EM5 Network audio player DAC AK4493 32bit / 768kHz DSD256 MQA Black
Note :
Date :
Merci Audiophonics.
J'ai reçu mon streamer Shanling EM5 dans les délais. très joli petit streamer ampli casque, à la finition remarquable, configuré en 3 minutes et qualité audio remarquable pour un tel prix .
This review has been posted for SHANLING EM5 Network audio player DAC AK4493 32bit / 768kHz DSD256 MQA Black
Note :
Date :
Fantastique ampli casque
J'ai acheté ce SHANLING EM5 pour une écoute au casque exclusivement.
L'amplification est fantastique, très détaillée avec une réserve de puissance inépuisable. Mes deux casques Focal (35 et 80 ohms) passent sans problème sans gain.
Android est limité puisqu'on n'a pas accès au Play Store mais les principales plates forme de streaming sont disponibles.
Je recommande sans réserves cet ampli.
Un grand merci à Audiophonics pour les conseil.
This review has been posted for SHANLING EM5 Network audio player DAC AK4493 32bit / 768kHz DSD256 MQA Black
SHANLING EM5 Network audio player DAC AK4493 32bit / 768kHz DSD256 MQA Black
The EM5 is a complete high-end DAC/headphone amplifier station, with a wide range of different connectors, including balanced XLR and 4.4 mm. It...

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