Audio extractor HDMI / MHL to I2S / Coaxial / Optical 4K 60Hz


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Module HDMI extractor to I2S / Coax / Optics

HDMI A / V to I2S audio / Coaxial / Optical / HDMI - Compatible MHL

Extractor HDMI digital interface unit

This module is an HDMI extractor. It allows to recover the digital audio stream of a digital HDMI source (including MHL) towards a digital coax port / optical or HDMI (I2S via HDMI).

This interface will be particularly useful in complex home theater installations, where multiple sources are likely to successively vary between audio and video functions.

This type of module is ideal in that it separates the video and audio streams to convenience while maintaining appropriate audio formats for advanced facilities.

It has a function of ressampling to select between an output 2-channel / 5.1 channels or audio output corresponding to the input (bypass).

Explanation of the 3 selectable modes:
- TV: sends audio through HDMI to the TV, and does not extract audio on the SPDIF output
- AMP : extracts stereo audio (2 channels) to the audio outputs
- DOU: outputs 5.1-channel audio to the audio outputs

EP92A3E Chip

The function of extracting the audio signal to digital output is performed by an EP92A3E chip, complying with the HDMI 1.4 standard. This component is compatible with both single HDMI inputs and MHL 2.0 sources (HDMI to USB adapter typically used to connect a smartphone to an HDMI input).

The EP92A3E chip is capable of addressing different digital protocols, requiring several levels of signal accuracy. It has an HDMI repeater function, which also allows longer cables to be used to cover a greater distance. Its great compatibility with digital audio protocols makes it a very practical accessory to be prepared for any audio/video connectivity problem. It also provides the module with LPCM, HD audio & DSD Audio support. The Audio Soft mute approach is also supported.

Complete Connectivity

The connectivity of this interface is rich in possibilities since it offers the possibility to retrieve the digital audio stream via S/PDIF to a Toslink Optical connector as well as a Coaxial connector already mounted on the board. The I2S output via HDMI LVDS can also be used as a basic output via an HDMI connector already mounted on the PCB. Also two I2S / DSD outputs are available. One is connected to an XH 2.54mm 6-pin male connector; the second is in the form of solder pads.

The I2S LVDS via HDMI connectivity of this device uses the PSAudio format.

TypeHDMI extractor
OutputsHDMI / LVDS I2S PS AUDIO Format / Optical / Coax / I2S
HDMI video output compatibility4K 60Hz 3D CEC
Power Supply5VDC Not provided
Power connector5.5 / 2.5mm
Dimensions86.2 x 67.15 mm
Parts supplied
HDMI Modulex1
Data sheet
OutputOptical Toslink
OutputCoaxial SPDIF
OutputI2S LVDS via HDMI
Max sampling rateNC
Interface chipEP92A3E

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Average votes
4.8 / 5
8 reviews
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Note :
Date :
Audio extractor HDMI / MHL to I2S
This brings my old stuff Pioneer bdp-150 to life
This review has been posted for Audio extractor HDMI / MHL to I2S / Coaxial / Optical 4K 60Hz
Note :
Date :
Digital Interface HDMI / MHL to I2S / Coaxial / Optical
Connecting it to the Sony Universal Player the dual HDMI outputs (HDMI Video goes to my receiver 4k HDR Ultra HD) - (HDMI Audio feeds the I2S digital interface HDMI). True DSD Stereo playback works wonderfully
This review has been posted for Audio extractor HDMI / MHL to I2S / Coaxial / Optical 4K 60Hz
Note :
Date :
DSD 128
Hi, I'm using this converter too. However when connected to my Oppo 205 as a transport via I2S to my Pontus II it can obly play DSD 64 file. However when playing DSD 128 and above there is no sound. However my Pontus II led light show 1x and DSD while my Oppo 205 show DSD. Anyone facing this problem. Thanks
This review has been posted for Audio extractor HDMI / MHL to I2S / Coaxial / Optical 4K 60Hz
Note :
Date :
Au top!
Super cette interface et en plus abordable.
Autoalimenté par l'HDMi ce qui simplifie grandement son intégration.
Les flux DSD sont intégralement transmis sur l'I2S.
Coax, Optique et i2S pour 65 €, c'est cool.
This review has been posted for Audio extractor HDMI / MHL to I2S / Coaxial / Optical 4K 60Hz
Note :
Date :
Simple (un peu trop peut etre) et efficace, mais...
Tout est dans le titre. Ou presque.
Pour qui cherchera à faire une extraction audio d'un lecteur DVD/BlueRay je pense que le produit fera l'affaire (bien que je n'ai pas testé le produit dans ce but).

Par contre pour qui voudra extraire l'audio de flux videos avec du dolby digital / dts ou dolby digital ex (etc... par exemple d'un decodeur video) là plus rien n'est certain : J'ai fait l'expérience d'échecs sur plusieurs flux de ce type (malgré les 3 réglages possibles TV/AMP/DOU).

Là ou le bas blesse est l'absence d'informations sur les capacités exactes (ou détaillées) du produit et de la puce semiconn associée.

En allant sur le site de SemiConn on peut voir toutes les fonctions supportées par la puce. Mais pas de mention hélas des flux audio Dolby & Co.

En contactant le fabricant directement (yes I did lol), on arrive à choper la réponse suivante : "Some DTS or dolby audio format can be support through SPDIF output." (sic)

Dommage qu'ils n'en disent pas plus, ce serait grandement utile.
Mais j'imagine qui dit dolby ou dts dit aussi licenses...

Un downmix PCM stéréo aurait été grandement utile il me semble (comme vu sur d'autres produits).

Bref pour ceux qui sont dans cette problématique de flux DTS/Dolby je conseillerais plutot d'aller voir la ref suivante : CYP CPRO-SE2DD ( )

Bonne extraction audio a tutti !
This review has been posted for Audio extractor HDMI / MHL to I2S / Coaxial / Optical 4K 60Hz

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