Discover our EVERSOLO products: high-end streamers and DACs

Discover our EVERSOLO products: high-end streamers and DACs

Découvrez nos produits EVERSOLO : Lecteurs réseau et DAC haut de gamme

Eversolo is a brand specializing in the manufacture of high-performance, high-end hi-fi audio equipment at a fairly affordable price. Eversolo has nothing to envy other brands developing this type of product, which is offered at a much higher price on the market. In fact, its devices feature large color screens and a comprehensive control application. The user experience of its range of streamers and DACs is enhanced by an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing interface. In terms of performance, too, the brand verges on perfection, with the use of high-end components guaranteeing the richest sound reproduction and a qualitatively excellent listening experience.

The Eversolo streamers series

Eversolo's streamers, DMP-A6, DMP-A6 Master Edition and DMP-A8, give you access to a multitude of digital music sources, so you can stream your best tracks in high-definition quality up to PCM 32/bit 768kHz and native DSD up to DSD512. As digital gateways, they give you access to streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Qobuz, Tidal, online radio services and, of course, playback of your files wherever they're stored. The free Eversolo Control app is available on IOS and Android for easy navigation through your music library. A remote control is also available for convenient distance control of your streamer.

Eversolo DMP-A6

Eversolo DMP-A6

The DMP-A6 is a network player as powerful as it is intuitive and stylish. Its audio decoding is entrusted to two ESS ES9038 Q2M DAC chips, a high-performance model widely recognized by audiophiles. It is equipped with 4GB DDR + 32GB eMMC on-board memory for a wide range of applications, and is compatible with UPnP/DLNA, Airplay 2 and Bluetooth Aptx HD protocols. Its comprehensive connectivity - RCA, XLR, HDMI, optical and coaxial - makes it easy to integrate into any Hi-Fi system, with a host of possibilities.

Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition

Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition

The Master Edition of the DMP-A6 retains the features of the classic DMP-A6, with a few notable improvements. This time, the case features a few gold-colored details. In addition, a better clock system has been integrated, featuring two Accusilicon Femtosecond oscillators with noise reduction and improved jitter. Eversolo has also chosen a new AOP OPA1612 with noise reduction and very low distortion 1KHz 0.000015% for its DMP-A6 Master Edition.

Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition Upgrade

Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition Upgrade

This version of the DMP-A6 is a customized version from our Audiophonics workshops in France. The Upgrade version retains the evolutions of the Master Edition and is now equipped with a greatly improved LPS-A6 linear power supply and an integrated 2TB M.2 NVME SSD. The use of this linear power supply considerably reduces EMI/RFI interference compared with switch-mode power supplies. It should be noted that the remote control for distant operation of your streamer is also supplied with the DMP-A6 in this version.

Eversolo DMP-A8

Eversolo DMP-A8

Eversolo returns this time with its DMP-A8, a network player and DAC of the highest quality and incredible versatility. It now incorporates two AKM AK4499EX and AK4191EQ DAC chips. Its special feature is an R2R volume controller and a fully balanced analog preamplifier circuit, enabling you to connect it directly to active loudspeakers or a power amplifier. A true centerpiece of today's HiFi system, it offers a wide range of uses, from local file playback to accessing your music library from network devices or your favorite streaming applications. Thanks to its meticulous design, its sound reproduction is extremely pure and precise, with extremely low noise levels. 

The Eversolo DAC series (Digital-to-Analog Converters)

DACs are Hi-Fi devices that enable high-definition conversion of a digital audio signal into an analog signal, for high-quality sound reproduction and powering of amplifiers and loudspeakers. The Eversolo range comprises the DAC-Z6 and DAC-Z8. Both are capable of decoding very high-resolution streams up to PCM 32/bit 768kHz, native DSD up to DSD512 and MQA streams. Eversolo's trademark, they feature a large display and are also controllable via the free IOS and Android Eversolo Control app. These DACs enable you to feed your Hi-Fi system with a pure audio signal incorporating maximum detail and information.

Eversolo DAC-Z6

Eversolo DAC-Z6

EverSolo's DAC-Z6 is a high-performance DAC based on a meticulous technical structure. Its high-end components include two ESS ES9068AS digital-to-analog conversion chips and a USB XMOS XU316 interface, enabling it to support high-resolution audio streams and deliver clear, detailed sound reproduction. In addition, the DAC-Z6 is packed with features that make it a versatile and efficient device.

Eversolo DAC-Z8

Eversolo DAC-Z8

EverSolo's DAC-Z8 is a high-end, high-performance DAC. Its high-end components include an ESS ES9038Pro digital-to-analog conversion chip and an XMOS XU316 USB interface, enabling it to support high-resolution audio streams and deliver clear, detailed sound reproduction. In addition, the DAC-Z8 is packed with features that make it a versatile and efficient device.

The Eversolo amplifier series

Power amplifiers are Hi-Fi devices that, as their name suggests, only add power to the signal they receive. They have no preamplification stage and do not alter the nature of the sound. They are often used to power demanding loudspeakers. Eversolo's AMP-F2, in collaboration with Stark Sound, is a relatively affordable high-end power amplifier.

Eversolo Amp-F2

Eversolo AMP-F2

The AMP-F2 is a Class D power amplifier based on the NS600 module and a SAPS switching power supply. It is capable of delivering 2x250Wrms output power at 4 Ohm and, being bridgeable, 1x 450Wrms at 2 Ohm via a single channel. It features classic connectors with balanced RCA and XLR inputs, plus speaker terminals for output. A 5-12V trigger in 3.5mm jack format also lets you create an automatic on/off chain. This amplifier is perfectly optimized to work with the brand's other devices, whether DACs or various streamers.

Eversolo's headphones amplifier/portable DAC series

This range of portable devices comprises two DACs/headphone amplifiers; the H1 and H2. These compact, portable devices let you enjoy your music in high-resolution streaming, whether on the move or at home with a good pair of headphones.

Eversolo H1

Eversolo H1

EVERSOLO's H1 is a compact and powerful portable DAC and headphone amplifier combo. It features an ES9281AC Pro DAC chip and low-power LDO circuitry. Featuring a USB-C input, it's an ideal companion for use with today's smartphones. It features a classic 3.5mm jack output compatible with the majority of your listening devices.

Eversolo H2

Eversolo H2

With the H2, EVERSOLO offers a compact and powerful balanced DAC and portable headphone amplifier combo. It incorporates a top-quality ES9038Q2M DAC chip and is based on both collaborative and independent amplification and decoding circuits, guaranteeing high audio performance for very high-quality sound rendering. Featuring a USB-C input, it's an ideal companion for use with today's smartphones. It features a classic 3.5mm jack output, as well as a balanced 2.5mm jack output compatible with the majority of your listening devices.

Eversolo accessories

An IR/bluetooth remote control specially designed for use with its DMP range of network players is also available. This allows you to control your network player remotely without using the Eversolo IOS/Android smartphone app.

Eversolo BTR-12

Eversolo BTR-12

Remote control compatible with Eversolo's line of DMP streamers.

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