Discover the new PURIFI 1ET9040BA amplifier module!

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PURIFI 1ET9040BA Mono Amplifier Module

Pure power in a new audiophonics amplifier!

Photo of PURIFI 1ET9040BA module

PURIFI unveils its new 1ET9040BA, an ultra-low-noise amplifier module capable of developing 750W of power at 4 ohms, all at just 0.1% THD. This beast of an amplifier is based on PURIFI's second-generation EIGENTAKT amplifier technology. This innovative technology offers ultra-linear performance and highly transparent sound reproduction. This amplifier module also guarantees impeccable THD and IMD. In fact, the PURIFI 1ET9040BA delivers a highly detailed stereo image across the entire sound spectrum, and handles complex signals with ease. You can be sure that any amplifier incorporating this module will delight even the most demanding audiophile. That's why we've chosen to integrate it into a new power amplifier soon to be available on! Our teams are actively working on this new project to bring you the most powerful amplifier in our catalogue to this day.
Updated 01/03/2024 - Our amplifier based on 2 Purifi 1ET9040BA modules is now available for pre-order. You can see it here: AUDIOPHONICS HPA-DM750ET Power Amplifier Purifi 1ET9040BA.

PURIFI 1ET9040BA highlights :

  • EIGENTAKT second-generation Class D amplifier technology
  • Bridged amplifier output
  • Extremely low THD and IMD
  • Ultra-low noise and high efficiency
  • Frequency response invariant to any impedance load
  • Output power of 750W @ 4 ohm and 375W @ 8 ohm (THD = 0.1%)
Output power375W @ 8Ω
750W @ 4Ω
1400W @ 2Ω
THD +N< 0.00006% @ 100W, 4Ω, 1kHz
Dynamic range140 dB(A)
Efficiency96% @ 1kHz, 750W, 4Ω
Output current40A
Power supply+/-30V to +/-45V DC
Dimensions100mm x 100mm x 35mm
Photo of THD+N VS output power measurements on PURIFI 1ET9040BA

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  • Henry Chambers

    Henry Chambers 2024-03-31

    When will you introduce a monoblock version of the 1et9040ba? I am anxious to try one of these out.
    • Audiophonics Team

      Audiophonics Team 2024-04-02

      The mono version of 1ET9040BA amplifier should be available between May and June.
  • Asmus Norreslet

    Asmus Norreslet 2024-03-05

    How do you connect a subwoofer to this amp?
    • Audiophonics Team

      Audiophonics Team 2024-03-08

      There's no dedicated sub output on power amplifier :
      The sub should be connected to the LFE output of the Preamplifier or the sub should have high level inputs ex :
  • Guy CALLAU

    Guy CALLAU 2024-03-03

    Bonjour, avez vous le même réglage de gain -By pass que sur HPA-S500ET , ou avez vous un autre systeme de selection sans modifier la place du cavalier sous l appareil . je préfèrerai un bouton selecteur a plusieurs positions, merci .
    • Audiophonics Team

      Audiophonics Team 2024-03-04

      Les Specs du buffer ne sont pas totalement fixées au moment ou je vous parle.
      La sélection des gains sera cependant bien réalisés par des DIP switch et non des cavaliers.
  • Markus Dimdal

    Markus Dimdal 2024-02-28

    Will you make a stereo version as well?
    • Audiophonics Team

      Audiophonics Team 2024-02-29

      Of course, a stereo version will also be available soon.
  • eduard wijnands

    eduard wijnands 2024-02-20

    Do you have any idear when you start selling mono amps using this module?
    I'm intresseted in 3 mono blocks with auto sensing on/off.
    • Audiophonics Team

      Audiophonics Team 2024-02-21

      Yes, we will offer mono amplifier with new 1ET9040BA module inside.
      We hope to release this amplifier in the first half of the year.
  • Dirk Bösche

    Dirk Bösche 2024-02-02

    why you don't sell the purifi amp modules on their own or at least as purifi EVAL kits ? does ...
    • Audiophonics Team

      Audiophonics Team 2024-02-02

      Hello, since some people have starting showing interest in EVAL kits, we will add them to our catalog.
      Not the other amp modules however, since we cannot both manufacture amps based on those modules and sell the modules units themselves without harming purifi pricing strategy.

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